Specialist project management, procurement and engineering services



Our PMC capability ensures the achievement of high standards of Safety, Quality and Timely Delivery, maintaining costs within budget for complex projects.



In this role ICARE supervises all aspects of the project and assumes Single Point Responsibility for timely delivery of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), including:


• Implement Project Control and Project Management tools designed to ensure project outcome, delivery and enable open Reporting

• Achieve Clients expectations, and manage client’s costs and downsides so as to deliver the expected Project Margin

• Undertake Procurement activities to ensure alignment of incentives, and compliance to standards, timeframe and cost by all parties

• Deliver Construction

• Achieve high standards of Safety and Quality

• Finally, achieve Timely Delivery for the full scope of the EPC Contract



Our project management helps overcome:

• Experience gaps

• Resource constraints

• Time pressure encountered with complex projects



Customers benefit from:

• Access to third party master service agreements

• A comprehensive management system

• Our significant experience



This is achieved through:

• Competent Project Director - answerable for the entire PMC delivery process.

• Supported by highly skilled and experienced Project Managers

• Business KPI targets

• Independent team monitoring Project Outcome, reporting directly to CEO

• Project based Report system that provides visibility and transparency - for ‘real time’ analysis

• Comprehensive Project Execution Plan covering all critical areas of the Project



ICARE uses, ICARE Procurement Services  as the link between Engineering and Construction by sourcing, purchasing and delivering bulk materials and equipment.


The procurement team of ICARE Procurement Services will ensure that all materials and equipment purchased are manufactured or fabricated in accordance with engineering specifications, and delivered to the construction site on schedule. ICARE Procurement Services manages an extensive database of suppliers as a result of continuous feed back and quality monitoring worldwide through its Europe and Middle East offices together with its partners in Asia.



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